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2013 Year in Review, April - June
January 6th, 2014

The year showed no signs of slowing down as we headed into spring of 2013. The good times kept rolling and we didn't need to travel....too much anyways. Here we go as we touch back on our adventures of last year:

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We celebrated in Korea and we celebrated in Hawaii as our Korean Marketing support, Don Lee, headed back "home" to Hawaii for a month. We took the newlyweds to Kualoa Ranch for some ATV riding. I almost got kicked off the trail, but that's another story. (I thought our guide couldn't see me - she could....)

 photo 4A8F71F7-274F-4232-8894-E3613BE2B282-2961-000001D63F76C7A3_zps2da877eb.jpg
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Got to promote one of the boards I serve on, Hawaii Youth Symphony and was able to deliver on a long standing promise of ukes for the awesome Makaha Sons. They were the featured performers at our May Concert.

 photo B824E4DE-1F2C-4D03-9CCA-B40EB64C4F2C-2961-000001D6561F49BD_zps5e2e2461.jpg
Uke for Kellen Paik of Kupaoa

 photo AE6F17E9-14A9-4439-86E2-9C6FF369A0CD-2961-000001D662294C78_zps9170aca3.jpg
Another for Rock God, Peter Frampton. He's really cool.

 photo 69277631-B081-4418-A333-36A9B166C973-2961-000001D66CA50E47_zps0cec6b7c.jpg
And of course one of my "unofficial" mentors, Jimmy Buffett. Here he is with us and Uncle Tom Moffatt.

 photo 1170D353-A2C0-4FAF-96F2-60C411F70CE3-2961-000001D6A693DEC3_zpsfbc5f7ee.jpg
I shmoozed with the Hawaiian famous folks like KoAloha artist, Nathan Aweau as I finished out my term as treasurer for The Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts at the Na Hoku Hanohano Award show.

 photo D0C9E971-6C42-4A2A-A443-A8AC7E0ECFCA_zps7et33gav.jpg
I was fortunate enough to be able to share my thoughts with two assemblies this past year. One was Chaminade University's Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program.

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One of the highlights each year is when we are able to head to Molokai for our annual ukulele build program. 2013 marked our 9th or 10th year there. It's always a magical time and we get to bond with one another in ways not possible just doing our day to day at work.

 photo 9D4ACF96-323D-4E5D-A980-90D90FECED9D_zpsmsilrg6a.jpg
We rounded out our spring with a visit to Thailand, where we welcomed our youngest and newest artist, Sydney. This little girl works hard and practices ukulele like crazy. She's amazing!

 photo BDF6095A-CBFF-43C3-A858-5DE989934A53_zpsbwvvvwe0.jpg
Last but not least, I was able to visit Ribbee Ukulele for the first time. Asada and staff there operate family style, just like us and it was a blast to meet all of them.

Hang on tight, there's more to come from 2013. Thanks for keeping me company

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