Kaleo O Kalihi
KoAloha at JANM 2014
May 5th, 2014

We made it! It was a dream of mine to have an event at LA's Japanese American National Museum. Thanks to Herb Ohta Jr for getting the ball rolling, Tracy Larrua for keeping it going and Liz and Yoji at JANM for approving our showcase. Target helped underwrite some of the day and we were set.

 photo EBE54DF3-C9A9-4096-85A6-56F13AA47875_zps5ixzgfes.jpg

My brother Paul was the first in line as you entered the museum, making our famous mini ukulele keychains. He was swamped while I was busy setting up our standard "prank" on one of our featured artists. I gotta be me, you know?

 photo 181D74B1-41B9-4E33-A012-294934890EB3_zpspzyll899.jpg

Enter the victim, our webmaster extraordinaire, George Del Barrio Jr. Minutes before his sessions with the kids, I hid his ukulele in one of the storage closets. Usually, George, aka Gibi, is cool as a cucumber. That is, when his lesson ukulele is available....sorry Gibi, I couldn't resist.

 photo 0DA643AC-5077-40B0-B223-4D739A976D84_zpsiig6en3i.jpg
 photo F39CB2F1-2E29-472D-8049-9332AAC75959_zpsb7zgghm4.jpg

We brought up the young, talented and handsome duo of Ryo Montgomery (top) and Tj Mayeshiro (bottom). They rocked the house and even did a two man on one uke act. Sorry, no video. I need to re-learn how to do that.

 photo 90B08EE6-4EF3-4043-AE58-CA973DF790DD_zpsevyemfua.jpg

With a little bit of prodding, we were able to get our Assistant Vice President up on stage. Brian joined another one of our stars, Jason Arimoto for the closing of his set. Jason's latest, "Take on the 80's" is an awesome, unique twist to his 80's covers. I love that cd! Visit Ukulele Creations to check it out.

 photo FC023C1A-F5B7-4363-8EC1-22EE7C81966E_zpswz3erpdt.jpg

Of course what is a KoAloha trip without food, right? Here's to terrible sushi with great friends, ha ha.

 photo F800F4F7-54C9-41C5-BB54-F4BA69BD622C_zpsnrndz7ro.jpg

Cronuts? I finally got to taste em, thanks to coordination from Wedge Lee and Michelle Hirose. Wedge, from Hawaii, Michelle from LA, cronuts in my belly. Done!

 photo 51C1CA52-4849-4A3E-8909-5CA6F71C4FF1_zpswe7a7kpe.jpg

Me and Tj be so excited! After work, we play. This time at Universal Studios Hollywood. We decided to hold hands and enter the park triumphantly. Not sure if that's the effect we got though.....

 photo 92A6FF3B-9792-4766-83FB-E4627120506F_zpsd3crnvre.jpg

But before the trip was over, we headed to U Space, a collaboration between the guys at Anacapa Ukulele (Brad and Cary) and JACCC of LA. We got to hang out, enjoy some delicious coffee, make new friends and even meet up with yet another KoAloha artist, Daniel Ho.

All in all, it was a great trip. Too many pics, too many stories, but never too much good times.

3 Responses to “KoAloha at JANM 2014”

  1. DIO:

    Bad sushi in L.A.? Is that even possible? I can understand bad stuff in a place like Nebraska, where you wouldn't expect much, but L.A., sheesh, come on.

    Two guys holding hands, "Not sure if that's the effect we got though....." do we really need to explain what people were probably thinking? ­čść

  2. Ynaku:

    Cue "Tip Toe through the Tulips" by Tiny Tim on the Ukulele ­čść

  3. aokami:

    DIO, oh yeah, it happens, but of course it was conveyor belt sushi, so....AND we're spoiled with all the trips to Japan. As for holding hands, I no mo shame lidat, ha ha. Was more to get a rise out of Tj.

    Ynaku, I can hear it.....Ahhhhhhh