Kaleo O Kalihi
Day in the Life Spring 2014
May 14th, 2014

"How was your day?" That can be one of the more interesting questions to ask us. It really depends on the day. One thing is for sure, there's always something going on with us. In between having fun, we fit in "work" from time to time. Rent is due, after all.

After a three year process, my dad was happy to see his original CD finally make it to production. Thanks to the tireless and dedicated work of Derek Nakamoto, songs that dad wrote years ago can be shared.

 photo 9A15DD1F-C8DE-45B6-982C-9534F294F802_zps4cp5npug.jpg

Here's my happy pappy, showing off his latest work. "Beautiful Days" is available on cd baby and itunes. Of course if you want one the good old fashioned way, you can always contact us.

 photo 313650CA-4600-476E-AD90-A22FCA3D86DE_zpsa3vyvzwm.jpg

Our sign now proudly graces our showroom as vandals decided to take it down. They actually saved us some work, cause it was pretty high up the signpost. "Thanks....?" I guess....

 photo 557A9617-0282-48D6-A2A5-DA08458CBB1C_zpsohs4afei.jpg

Got a visit from internet music sensation, Gabe Bondoc. He was in town, vacationing with his family. I'm so jealous. Even in Hawaii, I wouldn't mind a vacation and Hawaii is one of the best places to do it!

 photo 455A478F-D518-42CC-94EB-5C39FBE66336_zpstumzpny4.jpg

Then our buddy Wedge Lee and the Nissei Week Foundation of Los Angeles made their second trip to us in two years. Some ladies needed to head home, but the court Queen and 3 of the princesses made it down to our place.

 photo 7E97D931-534C-4789-ABA6-313DA9FC122B_zpsskfslggh.jpg

While it's only 2 years in a row, we can start a tradition, right? Our own JC kindly volunteered to be "da man", striking a pose with these lovely ladies. He's been our poster boy for 2 years running. Does that count as a tradition?

After Star Advertiser went subscription based, I wasn't sure who or how many people read my posts. Lately, I've been finding that people do, and I'm happy to hear that. Today's entry isn't earth shaking, just a glimpse into some of our days here. Glad to share them with you all and hope you'll stick around for more.

8 Responses to “Day in the Life Spring 2014”

  1. ylea:


    Still check in to your site. You were absent kinda long for a while. Nice the wahines.

  2. Ukuhead:

    Still here and checking in on a regular basis. Just not posting.

    Thanks for keeping up the good work.

  3. Jeannette:

    I read your blog. I enjoy it. Check it often and would not mind if you posted more frequently. I don't always leave a comment but I enjoy the photos and narration.

  4. snow:

    yup, still here but not posting as often! always good to hear about all the good things you and your crew have been doing! haven't even seen my friend ukuhead around for a while, too... :)

  5. aokami:

    ylea, hi, thanks for the comment. I wasn't posting as much, cause it's been hard to gauge what activity I was having. Don't even know who my editor is now.... :(

    Ukuhead, hey there! thanks for reading, I'll try to post more often

    Jeanette, mahalo for reading, I'll definitely try to post more

    snow, good to hear from you too. The posts will keep coming.

  6. makaha wahine:

    I like reading your blog. FYI, my husband won a Koaloha ukulele and lessons from a radio contest a while ago. A few years later, he heard about our blind nephew's guitar getting wrecked and so he passed the ukulele on to him. Mahalo for a great instrument!

  7. Alan Okami:

    makaha wahine, mahalo for reading. Happy to hear about the gift being passed on.

  8. Ynaku:

    You know I stay hea.