Kaleo O Kalihi
Molokai Part 2, 2014
June 25th, 2014

Wow, it's been a month since I've last posted. Sorry for the delay. My days have been going by faster than I can keep up with. Here's the follow up to our latest trip to the island of Molokai, as we work with the children of Kaunakakai School.

 photo 3EBCC437-0527-4B9C-A666-59A612AC3742_zpsmz4stitx.jpg

After the assembly of ukes get done, we head out to the neighboring field where the children apply a hand rubber finish. This is usually where the "assistant" moms & dads let go of the instrument and let the kids do all the work.

 photo 648CF63B-5E8F-4AA7-9D78-53314E2FA514_zpsej59gbu4.jpg
 photo 5BC9E611-E455-476F-A5D0-81F3F5249061_zpseaij07sh.jpg

Then we run some line and hang the ukes to dry. Here is where we got the name, "Ukulele Tree", which will one day become the official name of our community ukulele building projects.

 photo 50723B54-162B-4BFB-B8CA-B800BD218A05_zps9a0zojus.jpg

Once in a while, some other things get caught on the line. We keep some, throw some stuff back....

 photo 7D9AE54A-A8C1-43D8-914E-D66BE473C3AA_zps7lkurwnw.jpg
 photo C842E5D9-44D2-49EC-A476-EBCEA2723BA9_zpsbrefd7mb.jpg

The last day tends to be a super heart filled day with everyone gathering and sharing with one another about what we did over the few days with each other. This year, a hula halau danced for us and our own Dennis sang one of his tunes for them.

 photo DCCD5897-37AD-48C6-93CC-A86237BA4278_zpsl5pp6cie.jpg

Then the children all play a song for us that they practiced for May Day. Hint to Honolulu schools....REMEMBER May Day...??? Bring em back! After this, we usually get loaded up with gifts and ono treats by the parents. We need to pack an extra hug box to take it all home.

 photo EA25FE64-01F8-455F-AA32-73D5537687F4_zpsa0xcs2lv.jpg

In the off time, we hit the pool to relax. This year, we didn't get called the slacking bell boys by a lady from the mainland. Yes, that did happen, and it was rather rude in how it was said.

 photo E3BD125D-3160-4BEC-B2C3-6F478FF14709_zpsreiaz0nl.jpg
 photo 9071F442-2884-4EE0-9C43-77711F0B77F1_zpsprsrxbgc.jpg

Then late at night, down a formerly dark and spooky alley, we go to the hottest night spot. It's not a bar and it's not a club. For those of you experienced Molokai visitors, you know it's the famous Kanemitsu Bakery's Hot Bread, served up with all the toppings you desire.

 photo 9ADB9BDE-87FC-4B1B-BD8C-3664EF34035F_zpsaq0tdwdg.jpg

Swimming pools, sightseeing, and hot bread aside, we go there for one reason. Actually, one reason, close to 500 of these one reasons in the past 10 years. The kids. We're often told that magic isn't real, but we think otherwise. For 3 days each year, we are part of something magical.

5 Responses to “Molokai Part 2, 2014”

  1. Ynaku:

    Cinnamon Butter please. 😀

    That pic with all the ukulele hanging and drying. That one in black need more oil. 😆

    Let da magic continue

  2. Jessica Luning:

    Only is Hawaii can people come together and just love one another! Hawaiians the most amazing people our land stolen, desecrated, ripped and soon to be water depleted, yet we still keep giving and loving. We will keep doing right, being good people, giving and giving until we have no more and when we reach heaven our reward will be there. We will not loose heart because of strength is in our Alo HA.
    Beautiful show of community. Beautiful instrument to pass on the story for generations, through that experience of a lifetime.

  3. aokami:

    Ynaku, cinnamon butter is ono. My fave is blueberry cream cheese. The magic rolls each year. We hope that we can keep this going on and on

    Jessica Luning, thank you for posting. I agree. This place is special and I hope one day, the love will overcome all. There's only so much that this Earth can give before humans wear it out.

  4. kalela:

    Being from Moloka'i and now living on O'ahu, I appreciate all you folks do for the keiki on that island! May all of you blessed! This post has now made me ono for some strawberry cream cheese hot bread!

  5. aokami:

    kalela, it's our pleasure. Molokai is a trip we look forward to each year. The hot bread, always ono yeah?