Kaleo O Kalihi
Osaka Aug 2014
September 1st, 2014

Wow, as I typed in the year of this post, it's amazing to see that we've made it all the way to 2014. Never imagined to live in the days of space movie dates. No flying cars quite yet, but we have phones of the future, right? I digress, on to my post.

Most of my travels are not as glamorous as most assume. They are mainly based in getting some kind of work done. Every now and then, there are moments that stand out, and fill my trip with a lot of joy. It can be little things, or a little bigger as well.

 photo minimall_zpsb51a853d.jpg

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Everyday life is a little different in Japan. There's the hustle and bustle that's a change of pace from Hawaii, but the Japanese sprinkle in some neat stuff to break up all the action. Malls are really nice, they're everywhere, ranging from small to big. Every now and then, there are attractions in the halls between subway sections. This time, children games were the theme.

 photo can_zpsfc3c10bc.jpg

Canned goods? Yes. Yakitori in a can, "can" do, ha ha.

 photo ramen_zpsf2167b9c.jpg

Anyone looking for their dosage of 2000 - 3000% of their daily recommended sodium value can always shop on the Great Wall of Ramen. I thought this was impressive!

 photo bento_zpsa15cb6cd.jpg

 photo musu_zps1e7c1834.jpg

After we completed our training sessions in Tokyo, we jumped on the train to head to Osaka. This meant a 3 hour train ride and of course, train food. Unlike the US hamburger and hot dog fare, Japan does things....Japanese! I had a delicious katsu bento and as if that wasn't enough, I also got ten-musu, aka shrimp musubi.

 photo masa_zps9bffe079.jpg

We visited two of our dealers there, Miki Gakki, and one of our oldest accounts in Osaka, Ohana Ukulele.

 photo hfh1_zps4dbd8dfe.jpg

Then it was reunion time! The children of Holy Family Home is always a big motivation for me to ride that train for such a long trip. Here are the ones that visited on a special trip this year. They are ones that missed the annual summer visit for some reason or another.

 photo hfh2_zps26a85a23.jpg

We spent time with a lot of them, singing and sharing songs. (I think I need to learn new songs already)

 photo furo_zpse4d5303c.jpg

After a long day of travel and hearts filled with joy, it was time to unwind. I was a little apprehensive at first, but the natural spring water in my hotel does wonders for the body. There's a valve that turns that water on instead of tap. The color, I am told, is because it's rich in minerals. (It's not dirty as I thought)

More to come from Japan and as we head home to more things with kids.

7 Responses to “Osaka Aug 2014”

  1. Ed Oshiro:

    Mahalo Alan for sharing part of your life with us.

  2. KamaainaKid:

    Even though I have visited Japan many times, I really enjoy your blogs about visiting the country. Mahalo

  3. aokami:

    Ed Oshiro, it's my pleasure, thanks for joining the ride

    KamaainaKid, Japan has so much to do yeah? There's always a surprise to be found

  4. Lei Ahu Isa:

    Always loved Osaka! Mahalo for Sharing!

  5. aokami:

    Lei Ahu Isa, wow! Thanks for reading my blog. I love Osaka too and have had 130 more reasons since 2000 at the Holy Family Home :)

  6. Ynaku:

    I'm still riding along with you. Thanks for driving. Can you stop and get take out? All dat food just makes me hungry.

  7. aokami:

    Ynaku, my driving ok? I tend to brak last minute, ha ha. Take out, take in, we go eat em all!